I’ve got the same symptoms with a MLG3 and the E mb inside. There may be other software designed to work with cciss e. The RPM can be converted to. Worked mostly fine, needs firmware-netxen. I have the exact same problem – has anyone got anywhere with HP on this? More details A blog post claim supermicro provide a tool to get the status out from the command line.

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Solution is to install firmware-linux-nonfree.

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. If necessary, deb package will compile kernel as well. Last updated Tue Oct 16, latest version is 2. The following list of controllers are supported by cciss on distributions based on kernels before 2.

To build the source tarballs: The server has also a 2-port Pi Smart Array controller integrated on the mainboard. Additionally, note that the driver will not engage the SCSI core at init time.

Debian package only builds binary cciss module. The current list of supported controllers for hpsa: Tried OS all 64bit versions: We have no idea! It can no longer find the rhel5 base media cciss driver following an uninstalled of an HP cciss rpm.


Cleaned up code for adding and removing aeray volumes. Hpsa should be fine for new installs on these controllers, however.

HP ProLiant Servers

I’m looking at the Adaptec as a potential replacement. CLI tool statically linked i and amd64 binaries also can be downloaded from ftp site.

X tarballs Last updated November 01,latest version is 3. Works fine, but after reboot no display visible.

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. We are now looking for a tool to monitor the raid array. To install, download the RPM file, and use rpm -ihv rpmfile This will deposit the cciss.

Fixed a bug found by the L1 test suite.

cciss(4) — manpages — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

If not, is the source for some command line tool available which can report this status? If the name changes between kernel versions, remember to include information in the detailed information section.

So far, I haven’t had any luck duplicating this problem. The binary RPMs created by the source RPMs here do not do these things, they only build the driver module and initrd arrau.


Create a directory and unpack the tarball. There is also a ee200 tool to get RAID status available from the megactl package on Sourceforge.

Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

The system would panic when deleting many logical volumes at one time. This binary RPM may then be installed in the usual way, for instance: This is a must when maintaining a lot of machines using for arrsy a serial line console. You’ll find out soon enough if you do try to use it. You can try the Ubuntu repository, something like: Solution is to install firmware-linux-nonfree Jessie? We have Ubuntu 8.