One will blink at the Rate the Tremolo effect is set to by the Rate knob and the other will show when the effect is engaged. This mod will inspire you to play. May 12, 8. Electrolytic caps in tube amps, over a period of time, start to leak, loose their tolerance and go bad. Due to the harmonics and lack of midhump, this pedal does sound more transparent than a TS. Apr 3, 4. But if you’re the adventurous type and confident of your skills this mod will take the Bad Monkey into new territory.

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You can visit Jps website here http: This kit adds a ton of tonal options to my regular Daddy-O Mod. Looking for that Satriani type mkd of sound with thick tasty leeds.

Great for Bass or Guitar! So as a boost this mod really shines. Vintage Version New Rev. You are commenting using your Facebook blue.

It also has a 4th DIP Opamp in the upper right corner of the pcb. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. Merv deserves a lot of credit for what he has accomplished with this mod. It is a well know fact that in some circuits as the battery weakens it can have a very positive affect on the pedals tone. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Very useful when switching between both single-coil and humbucker equipped guitars.


The results after the mod are stunning! This is, by far, the best analog chorus pedal I have ever played. The Mega Distortion is somewhat of an odd beast in that it has no clipping section, so there’s no way to add a Tri-Gain Switch.

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I built it around dual stacked NEs. Also, please do not ask me to upgrade you to the above mod if you have mmonte one of our previous Tube Screamer mods.

Although it’ll do overdrive, that’s not the strength of this mod. That’s the one I supply with this kit.

Some pedals such as the Dyna Comp and the Big Muff will mknte greatly from varying their voltage. Will have to check out more on the Galaxie Mod though.

Which Monte Allums mod for my BD-2?

The results have been nothing short of amazing. May 12, The way I design mods takes several component changes to arrive at and shape the end result. If you are buying a mod for your Daddy-O open your pedal up and make sure it looks like this. The stock SD-1 from the factory sounds rather bland and not very transparent. Some power supply designs offer 18V by connecting two 9V outputs together using a special cable, but for this you need a power supply with isolated outputs.


A very quiet pedal.

Looks as though the Galaxie mod would be cheaper to install than the alternatives from Allums. The BD was kind back, with just a hint of sparkle, until i hit hard, and then a nice overdriven sound came back. What amazed motne the most is how dynamic this pedal is mostly due to this mod.

Incredible clarity and dynamics with this mod! Plus the distortion is fizzy and all over the place. Combine this adapter with my Dying Battery Mod listed below and you’ve got a powerful voltage attenuator that will give your pedals the extra added benefits of running higher and lower voltages.